Mushroom loofah Soup


This mushroom loofah soup is truly a work of culinary art. The flavors are perfectly balanced and the textures are spot on, with the mushrooms and loofah adding a fantastic depth of taste to the rich, flavorful broth. Every spoonful is a burst of flavor and the broth is so comforting. This is definitely a new favorite and I can’t get enough of it!


  • 50g lean meat
  • 200g loofah
  • 5g mushrooms
  • 5g chicken essence


  1. Wash the loofah, peel it and cut it into triangles;

  2. Wash the lean meat and chop it into minced meat;

  3. Wash the shiitake mushrooms and blanch them for later use;

  4. Put ginger slices and water in the pot and boil, add all the prepared ingredients, when the loofah is cooked, add a little salt;

  5. Then add chicken essence and bring to a boil over high heat;

Mushroom loofah soup is refreshing and delicious, light and delicious, and can also supplement a variety of beneficial nutrients for the human body.

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