Bean curd salad recipe

It's hot and you have no appetite? Try this quick and easy oil-free, low-fat salad with tofu and lettuce salad. Use the smooth and tender lactone tofu, which melts in the mouth when it is cold, and is accompanied by a few slices of crisp and juicy lettuce, one white and one green, refreshing and pleasant. Drizzle some oil-free herb salad dressing, and the Chinese side dishes suddenly have an exotic flavor and are quite unique.


  • Lactone tofu
  • lettuce
  • red bell pepper
  • chives
  • herb salad dressing


  1. Rinse lettuce and chives, refrigerate for a few hours and prepare the lactone tofu and herb salad dressing.

  2. Tear the lettuce into small pieces and chop the shallots.

  3. Turn the lactone tofu box upside down, and use scissors to cut off a small piece from the four corners.

  4. Put the box upright, scratch off the surface packaging, and squeeze the box body twice with your hands.

  5. Take a deep plate and cover it on the tofu box, turn it upside down, the tofu can be easily demolded, and put the lettuce in the space.

  6. Pour an appropriate amount of herb salad dressing, then sprinkle with chopped red bell pepper and chopped chives to add color, scoop out with a spoon and eat, so that the salad dressing and tofu can be fully mixed.

  7. Cold tofu salad, fragrant and refreshing, oil-free and low-fat, nutritious, healthy and appetizing!

  1. Lactone tofu is poured directly into the tofu box. There is no space between the tofu and the box. Cut a small opening at the four corners to facilitate air circulation; gently press the box body a few times, the lactone tofu can be Easy and complete demoulding.
  2. The herb salad dressing I use is oil-free and low-fat. The taste is sweet, slightly salty and slightly sour, and has a strong vanilla flavor. It can also be replaced by Chinese-style sauce, which will have different tastes.
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