Beef tendon ball recipe


  • Beef Tenderloin 300g

  • salt 5g

  • 5g fish sauce

  • 10g white sugar

  • Chicken essence 3g

  • Aluminum Free Baking Powder 2.5g

  • White pepper powder 2g

  • Tapioca Flour 3g

  • Ice water 90g

  • Corn oil 10g


  1. Cut the beef into small pieces and put it in the meat grinder. Shred as much as possible until you can't see any beef particles.

  2. Pour it into the wall breaker, add salt, fish sauce and a little ice water to blend at speed 4. Pour the remaining ice water into the beef mash one at a time, stirring after each time to absorb.

  3. Beat the beef until it becomes mashed. When it is very fine, add sugar, chicken essence, baking powder, tapioca flour, pepper powder and cooking oil and beat together.

  4. Continue to beat until the meat becomes pink and elastic when touched with a spatula. It is finely mashed as shown in the picture. About 20 minutes.

  5. Put it in a container and refrigerate overnight to allow the seasonings to fully integrate with the beef.

  6. Boil water in the pot on the lowest heat until it does not boil, grab the meat puree with your left hand, squeeze the meatballs out of the tiger's mouth, and scrape them into the pot with a spoon.

  7. Put all the beef balls in the water and keep the temperature of the water not boiling. Cook slowly until the beef balls float.

  8. Remove the cooked meatballs and soak in ice water to cool down. Finally, remove the beef balls, dry them a little, and put them in the refrigerator to freeze.

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