Chinese braised ribs recipe

Braised pork ribs are a dish that many people like. Every time you eat braised pork ribs in a restaurant, you will feel that you can eat another bowl of rice, but when you cook it at home, you always think the taste is a little worse. Everyone has not mastered the correct way to braise pork ribs.

If you want to make braised pork ribs well, there are tricks, and the pork ribs made with the right tricks are tender and delicious, and people will never get tired of eating them. Today we are here to talk about the practice of braised pork ribs: when making braised pork ribs, keep two steps in mind.


  1. Process the ribs. After buying the spare ribs, wash them first, chop them into small pieces, and soak them in water to remove the blood.
    (Hint: You can also directly ask the owner who sells ribs to chop it into small pieces for you, which is generally available in the market.)

  2. After the ribs are soaked, pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, directly put the ribs in, add a proper amount of water, then boil over high heat, then skim off the floating wipes, rinse the ribs with warm water, and drain the water for later use.
    (Hint: If you have enough time, you can also choose not to blanch, just put the ribs in slightly warm water, change the water every half an hour, and soak them for about two hours. The blood and water in it are drained, which will not affect the meat quality of the ribs.)

  3. Take the wok and heat the wok with oil. Add ginger slices and minced garlic, stir until fragrant, add pork ribs, and continue frying.
    (Tip: At this time, you should pay attention to the need to keep frying the ribs to avoid sticking the ribs to the pot, and avoid sticking the pot and affecting the taste of the ribs.)

  4. After the ribs are golden on both sides, you can directly add seasonings. For braised pork ribs, usually, add light soy sauce and dark soy sauce, then add salt, pour a little water, add a little sugar and stir together.

  5. After the seasoning is added, cover the lid and simmer. After the water boils, slowly simmer over low heat. When the juice in the pot is almost the same, turn on the high heat to collect the juice. After the juice is collected, you can put the ribs out. , a delicious braised pork rib is ready.

Now know what to do with braised pork ribs?


  1. There are generally two ways to remove blood and water from ribs: soaking and blanching. In this step, the ribs will have no fishy smell.
  2. Before braising the pork ribs, fry them until both sides are golden in color so they will be fragrant and more flavorful when braised again. It is guaranteed to make you want to eat it again.
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