Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Sometimes it is inevitable that there will be leftover bowls of rice. At this time, fried rice with eggs is the best home for it! The simple egg fried rice does not need to add too many ingredients, but it is also strong in the mouth, soft, and delicious.

Why is Chinese fried rice so good?

Because freshly fried rice has a relatively high water content, if you use fresh rice to fry egg fried rice, it will become sticky and the taste is very bad. At the same time, we all know that soy sauce is very important when making egg-fried rice. If there is no soy sauce in the egg fried rice, then the egg fried rice will naturally not taste good.

How to cook Chinese fried rice?


  • rice
  • egg
  • chives
  • Salt
  • cooking oil


Step 1:
Prepare the ingredients and cut the shallots.

Step 2:
Use a spatula to loosely chop the overnight rice and set aside.

Step 3:
Knock the eggs into a bowl, beat the egg liquid, and set aside.

Step 4:
Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot and heat it up, pour in the egg liquid.

Step 5:
Turn to low heat and quickly disperse until the egg liquid solidifies.

Step 6:
Put in the rice, use the spatula in a vertical direction, and quickly chop and fry the rice and eggs evenly.

Step 7:
Add an appropriate amount of salt to taste, sprinkle chopped green onion before serving, and stir fry evenly.


  1. Overnight rice is the best choice for egg-fried rice.
  2. The frying method with the spatula upright can make the rice grains looser and less likely to stick together.
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