Easy Chinese Fried Rice Cake Recipe

Why do Chinese people eat rice cake?

Preparing rice cakes during the Chinese New Year is a sign of joy. Because of the homonym for "Nian Gao" and the variety of tastes, rice cakes have almost become a must-have food for every occasion. The styles of rice cakes include box-shaped yellow and white rice cakes, which symbolize gold and silver and imply the meaning of getting rich in the new year.

How to make fried rice cakes?


Sugar Rice Cake/Lard Rice Cake 300g
egg one
Starch 20g
Milk/water 20ml
salt 1 g


  1. The fried rice cakes are all made of sugar rice cakes or lard rice cakes, which are sweet rice cakes! Cut a rice cake into thin slices.

  2. Put an egg, starch, milk, and salt in a container and mix evenly. It should be able to hang the pulp well.

  3. Take a small milk pan and put a thin layer of oil. Using a small milk pan can save oil because the oil needs to cover the rice cakes before they are fried. Turn on the medium and small fire, the fire should not be too high, it is easy to burn! Next, dip a piece of rice cake in the egg liquid, coat both sides with batter, fry it in the pan, dip one piece into the pan, and put it on the oil-absorbing paper to absorb the oil when the two sides are golden.

  4. Soon the golden and fragrant rice cakes will be fried. Some of them will be served to the family. Eat while frying, because it is delicious when it is hot!

The fried rice cake should be eaten while it is hot because it will not taste good when it is cold and hard!

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