Quail Egg Broth

Quail eggs are a favorite cooked food in our daily life. Few people buy some raw quail eggs and make them like eggs, because quail eggs are too small. And the most common way to sell it is to marinate it with a little salty after cooking, and then put it in a sealed bag and sell it as cooked food. Quail eggs look very small and taste very great.

Ingredients for Quail Egg Broth

  • pork
  • quail eggs
  • wolfberry
  • eggs
  • starch
  • salt
  • chicken essence


  1. Boil quail eggs and peel off the skins.

  2. Mince the pork into foam.

  3. Add an egg and starch to the minced meat and mix well.

  4. Stir the minced meat.

  5. Put the quail eggs in a large bowl and add a little wider water.

  6. Pat the minced meat into large pieces and put them in a bowl.

  7. Put it in a steamer and simmer over water for 40 minutes on low heat.

  8. Add salt, season with chicken essence, and add a few pieces of wolfberry to decorate.

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