Squirrel Fish Recipe


It is unclear why a particular type of fish would be called a "squirrel fish."

It is possible that these fish may have been given the name "squirrel fish" due to their appearance, behavior, or habitat. However, without more information, it is difficult to say for sure why they might be called squirrel fish.

What does squirrel fish taste like?

The taste of squirrel fish can vary depending on the specific species and how it is prepared. In general, squirrel fish are considered to be a good food fish and are often described as having a mild, sweet, and slightly nutty flavor. They are often compared to other white-fleshed fish such as snapper or grouper.

How to cook it


  • A 2-pound sea bass, cleaned, but with head and tail left on, or substitute pike, carp, red snapper or another firm white fish
  • tomato sauce
  • sugar
  • red vinegar
  • salt,
  • cornstarch
  • cooking oil


  1. Remove the scales, gills, and internal organs of the fish, rinse and chop off the fish head. Use a razor blade from the spine, remove the beam bone, and remove the fishbone from the breast. Use a wheat ear knife to change the fish fillets into diamond-shaped fillets, and evenly divide the fish tails so that both pieces of fish have tails.

  2. Put the cut fish into a bowl, dip each piece of shredded fish with starch, shake off the excess starch after dipping. Coat the fish head with starch in the same way.

  3. Put a clean pot on the fire, pour in the cooking oil, heat 70% hot, put the starch-coated fish and fish head into the oil pan for frying. When the skin of the fish is crispy and cooked, take it out, put it on a platter, and set it up.

  4. Leave a little hot oil in the pot, pour in the tomato sauce, sugar, and red vinegar sauce, and stir with a spoon. Pour in the hot oil, and when the sauce is thick and the fish eyes blisters, take the pot and pour the sauce over the fish.


  1. The knife should be changed evenly, and the skin and tail of the fish should not be broken.
  2. It is not advisable to park for too long after being coated with flour, otherwise the dried starch will easily stick together after being wetted, which will affect the shape.
  3. The three flavors of sweet and sour gorgon juice should be integrated, and the thickness should be moderate.
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