Duo jiao recipe(剁椒)

I like to eat chili, as long as it is spicy, so I usually prefer spicy food. Chili sauce must be my favorite. Among them, I like chopped chili very much. I can put some when cooking.


  • Red pepper
  • ginger and garlic
  • salt
  • sugar
  • sesame oil


  1. Wash the red peppers in clean water first. After controlling the water, dry the peppers with a kitchen towel or a clean cloth, and let them dry for a while. Peel and wash the ginger and garlic for later use. When choosing chili peppers, everyone should pay attention. Don't use that kind of red chili peppers, because such chili peppers are not spicy. We eat chili sauce just to eat its spiciness. Besides this kind of chili peppers, there are One disadvantage is that the chili sauce made has a lot of water, and the taste will be even worse. Therefore, when choosing chili peppers, you should eat the hard and slender chili peppers.

  2. This time, I will not chop the peppers anymore. I will use the cooking machine at home to make them. This is convenient and fast. However, if there is no cooking machine at home, you may need to chop them with a knife. It is a bit hot for eyes and hands. First put the ginger and garlic cloves in the food processor, use low gear to make coarse particles, then remove the stems of the red peppers, cut them into large pieces, put them in the food processor, and mash the peppers into pieces. This is very convenient. Yes, every time I do it, I think that human beings are really smart to invent such a good thing.

  3. After the peppers are beaten, put the minced ginger and garlic back into the food processor, stir evenly with the peppers, and then add some salt and sugar. The larger the amount of salt added, the longer the storage time. Taste, then you can make less at a time, just put less salt. Put sugar in the chopped peppers, which can neutralize the taste of salt and improve the freshness. The taste will be better in this way. Forgot to add sugar.

  4. Come down and put the prepared chopped peppers into a clean glass bottle, fill it with 70% full, then pour in the sesame oil, seal with the sesame oil, after the lid is sealed, put it in the refrigerator, it can be stored for a long time. For a long time, I have been using this method. The sesame oil can isolate the air, increase the preservation time, and enjoy the aroma of the sesame oil, which is really delicious. Everyone should handle the bottle well, and the bottle should be disinfected in advance. You can put the bottle in a pot and boil it with water.


It is recommended to use small bottles separately when saving, so that when you can eat, just take a small bottle, and the rest will not be opened, so the chance of bad will be reduced.


Are Duo jiao fermented?

Duo jiao is fermented using lactic acid fermentation, similar to how Korean kimchi is made.

Left unrefrigerated for a few days in the jar, lactic acid fermenting bacteria produce the slightly tangy flavor and signature taste of the duo jiao.

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