Eggplant Bean Stew

Soy products have a novel taste, and the raw material, soybeans, is also a good ingredient for direct use in cooking. Adding soybeans to roast pork or stewing pork feet with soybeans is a common family practice that is very tasty. However, some people are vegetarians and feel that stewed meat is greasy, so here is a simple way to cook soybeans with eggplant, which tastes great.


  • green onion
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Oyster sauce
  • Starch
  • Two eggplants
  • Soybeans


Step 1: Depending on the freshness of the soybeans, decide if you want to soak them in advance. If the soybeans are dry, you need to put them in warm water a day in advance to moisten them and set them aside.

Step 2: Wash the soybeans with water and remove any impurities. You can repeat the process several times to make sure they are clean. Then pour it into a pot, submerge all the soybeans with beer, pour in the right amount of soy sauce, shake in a little salt, and cook for a quarter of an hour on high heat. The soybeans can be colored and tasty.

Step 3: Cut the eggplant with a hob knife and throw it into the water with a bit of salt and stir well. While waiting, use a knife to chop the onion, ginger, and garlic and set aside in a small bowl.

Step 4: After ten minutes, drain the eggplant and coat it with a thin layer of cornstarch.

Step 5: Prepare the sauce in a small bowl by mixing a little oyster sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, a spoonful of sugar, and cornstarch with cold water, taking care not to overdo it.

Step 6: Heat the frying pan and fry the eggplant until golden brown.

Step 7: Stir the garlic in the frying pan, add the soybeans, stir fry them, then pour the eggplant in and continue to stir fry. When it's almost done, you can spray the sauce to fully absorb it, turn off the heat and simmer for a while.


  1. dry soybeans must be soaked in warm water in advance; otherwise, it is challenging to cook soft and sticky, affecting the taste of consumption.
  2. in the soybean, when adding beer must be fully submerged. A little soy sauce in color and at the same time can ensure a uniform taste, more easily soft and rotten.
  3. Eggplant has the property of oxidizing and turning black in the air, so you can use a little salt to ensure its luster so that the finished product is not only delicious but also good-looking.
  4. When frying eggplant, you should control the oil temperature, not too high, to prevent it from sticking to the pan if you ignore it.
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