Grunion recipes:How to cook grunion

Although the grunion is relatively small, its value is not low at all. The grunion contains very rich trace elements.
Grunion has a good taste and can withstand more cooking. Grunion with black pepper, grunion egg soup, etc. are all good choices, but My children prefer to eat fried whitebait, so I often use this method shared by chef friends, and the effect is very good.


  • 500g grunion
  • 4g thirteen incense
  • 50g flour
  • 10g soy sauce
  • 1 egg
  • peanut oil


  1. First, prepare an appropriate amount of grunion, remove its internal organs, head and tail respectively. Then clean the grunion carefully, put it on the grate, control the moisture in it, and put the treated grunion in a container.

  2. Add some thirteen incense, soy sauce, wear disposable gloves to fully grasp and mix evenly, so that the grunion can be fully integrated with the seasoning, put it aside and marinate for a while. During this process, prepare a small bowl.

  3. Put 50g flour into the bowl, then smash 1 egg into it, stir evenly in one direction with chopsticks to form a thicker egg batter, use chopsticks to slowly drip the batter in advance, and place it on the bowl. stand aside for a while.

  4. After the grunion is marinated, mix it with the pre-prepared egg paste, stir well with chopsticks, so that the whitebait can be covered with egg paste, and then the grunion can be fried Add a proper amount of cooking oil to the pot.

  5. When the oil is 70% hot, add the battered whitebait and start frying. When it is slowly fried on a low heat until golden and crispy, it is ready to serve.

Cooking Tips:

  1. Don’t fry the grunion in a hurry.After cleaning the grunion in advance, add seasonings and marinate for a while, which can not only help remove the fishy smell, but also make the small silverfish The fish is more delicious;
  2. When the fried whitebait was battered, some people wrapped it with starch and some covered it with flour. In fact, the chef said that the correct method should be to mix eggs and flour into a paste and wrap it on the grunion, so that the fried grunion has a crispy outer skin and a crispy interior. The inside is soft and delicious;
  3. The oil temperature for frying the grunion in the pot should not be too high or the bottom of the pot, about 70% of the heat is enough, and pay attention to frying slowly with medium and small fire, not because of impatient use, otherwise the grunion will be easily fried.
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