Hairy Tofu Recipe


What is hairy tofu?

As the name suggests, hairy tofu is a long-haired tofu, a traditional Chinese dish in Huizhou. It is understood that tofu is artificially fermented to make a layer of white hair grow on the surface of tofu, thus completing the process of converting soy vegetable protein into various amino acids.

What does hairy tofu taste like?

In terms of taste, hairy tofu smells a bit like stinky tofu, and the texture is a bit mushy. Its unique musty taste is really special when it is fused with chili sauce.

How to make hairy tofu


  • liquor
  • tofu
  • coarse chili noodles
  • fine chili noodles
  • pepper noodles
  • Salt


  1. Cleaning, drying
    After buying the tofu, wash it first, and then take it to the yard to dry it until the skin is slightly yellow.

  2. Cutting
    Cut the tofu into three or four centimeters cubes and put them in a large pot.

  3. Vaccination
    Take an appropriate amount of mucor mold powder, evenly sprinkle it on the tofu cubes, pick up the pot and gently flip it so that the tofu is evenly coated with mucor mold.

  4. Fermentation
    Take a bamboo steamer. If you don’t have one, you can use stainless steel, which is suitable for ventilation. Arrange the tofu neatly on top of the steamer.
    Please pay attention to the space between the tofu because the growth of mucor mold in the back needs space.
    Add an appropriate amount of water to the bottom of the pot to provide humidity for the growth of mucor mold. Then cover and leave in a warm place to ferment for 3 to 5 days.
    The hair will grow in three days if the temperature is relatively suitable. If the temperature is low, you can keep the temperature properly or prolong the fermentation time.

  5. Seasoning and Preserving
    Prepare two clean, water-free, and oil-free bowls or basins, one with an appropriate amount of white wine. Liquor sterilizes tofu.
    In another bowl, put the coarse chili noodles, fine chili noodles, pepper noodles, and salt, and mix well.
    First, use chopsticks to divide the tofu into pieces, then pick a piece of tofu, roll it in the bowl of white wine, then move it into the bowl of seasoning, and evenly coat the chili noodles.
    Finally, put it into a pre-sterilized glass bottle, cover it and ferment it for two to three days to let in the taste. The longer the fermentation time, the more fragrant it is.

When eating, use clean chopsticks to pick them up because if there is water on the chopsticks, they will deteriorate.

Is hairy tofu delicious?

Yes, it’s.
When the hairy tofu is served with chili sauce, it is fresh, refreshing, fragrant, and attractive and has an appetizer effect. It is a special flavor dish in Huizhou. In addition, the dishes made by simply grilling or frying are also rare delicacies. The best hairy tofu has a layer of dense and pure white hair, with some black particles evenly distributed on it, which are spores and a sign of the maturity of the hairy tofu.

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