Hawthorn cake

Some people must be curious, since the hawthorn cake is so delicious, how should it be made? In fact, there are many ways to make hawthorn cake, but I think all the methods are similar. Generally, if you know one, then some other methods must be easy to do. The key is to grasp some details. Just like the method I shared this time, you must control the amount of water and consistency, otherwise the hawthorn cake will be difficult to form.


Main ingredient:

  • a pound of hawthorn


  • 200 g rock sugar
  • 50 g white sugar


  1. First wash the hawthorn you bought ( Using fresh hawthorn will taste better), then soak in salt water for ten minutes (this step is to remove the hawthorn dirt).And then take out the hawthorn come, remove both ends, then put the cut hawthorn into the salt water again (This is to oxidize the hawthorn and turn it black).

  2. Then put the hawthorn in the pot, add two tablespoons of water (not too much water, about 150 grams), put in rock sugar and boil over high heat (rock sugar not only increases the sweetness, but also allows the hawthorn to be cooked later. The cake is more viscous), cook on medium heat until the hawthorn becomes soft (keep stirring while cooking, so that the hawthorn can be coated with sugar liquid to prevent oxidation and blackening), when the hawthorn cracks, take out the seeds and throw away

  3. After all the hawthorns have been processed, put them into the soymilk maker together with the hawthorn water, then add the fresh water that has just flowed over the hawthorn, make the hawthorn into a fine hawthorn mud, and pour the beaten hawthorn mud into the pot again. Start cooking on medium heat, to prevent the bottom from burning,stirring constantly with a spatula.

  4. Cook until the water of the hawthorn mud is significantly reduced (the consistency of the hawthorn mud will be very thick at this time), after about 15 minutes of cooking, use a spatula to scoop up the hawthorn mud, tilt the spatula, and the hawthorn mud will not flow, indicating that the hawthorn The mud is cooked

  5. Then put the boiled hawthorn jam into a square mold. You can put a little oil in the mold, so as to demould the container later. Then smooth the surface of the mold, put it in the refrigerator for one day and one night, and then take it out and eat it. It is very simple.

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