Herb crusted tofu recipe


  • Baiyu Brand Tough Tofu
  • vanilla
  • Mint leaf
  • parsley leaves
  • Salt

    How-to steps

    1. Tough tofu is used because it is not brittle but smoother than northern tofu and works better. Cut tofu into small pieces.
    2. Prepare the vanilla leaves, and then put a bit of dry starch on where the vanilla is to be placed in the tofu. Because there is water on the tofu, the starch will dissolve. Dab some water on the back of the vanilla leaves as well. Then gently press the leaves onto the tofu to make them stick together.
    3. Heat the oil in the pan. The oil temperature should not be too hot. Otherwise, the herbs will be mushy. Fry for a while, herb side down, and sprinkle with salt. Then turn it over gently and fry the other side to a golden brown. Simple right?

If you like more flavor, you can use salt and pepper instead of salt. Or eat it with soy sauce.

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