How to cook beef tomato soup chinese style

Tonic in winter, I use tomato and beef soup to drink. It warms the body and stomach and nourishes them. My family drinks it three times a week. On the table in winter, soup is indispensable. Fish soup, bone soup, and various vegetarian soups are good choices. A bowl of hot soup will make people's bodies and stomachs comfortable. At this time, I often change the pattern and cook various soups for my family to drink, and this tomato and beef soup is one of the children's favorites at home. Adding tomatoes will make the soup thicker, and Children deeply love the slightly sour and refreshing feeling. In addition, when cooking soup, use a small trick to make the beef more tender. Let's learn together.


  • 3 tomatoes
  • 200g beef tenderloin,
  • salt
  • 1 king oyster mushroom
  • cornstarch
  • pepper
  • ginger
  • sesame oil


  1. First, prepare a piece of beef. It is best to use tenderloin, which is more tender. After removing the fascia of the beef, cut it into thin slices. You can freeze it for a while if it is not easy to cut. easier to operate;

  2. Soak the cut beef slices in water for 20 minutes. Be careful to replace the blood water in the middle to keep the water clean. After the beef is soaked, drain the water, put it in a container, add cornstarch, salt, and drizzle with a bit of cooking oil;

  3. After mixing evenly with your hands, marinate for a while. During this process, wash the tomatoes, soak them in boiling water for a while, peel off the skins of the tomatoes, and cut them into slightly larger pieces. Clean the oyster mushrooms and cut them into slices;

  4. Cut ginger and garlic into shreds, dice, and add a proper amount of cooking oil to the wok. After the oil is hot, add minced garlic, stir-fry until fragrant, add the chopped tomatoes, and stir-fry for a while. When the tomatoes are slightly out of the soup;

  5. You can add enough boiling water at one time and put the king oyster mushrooms in the pot. After boiling, time for 5 minutes, then put the marinated beef into the pot, one by one, for about 2 minutes. The meat is cooked, season with salt and pepper, turn off the heat, drizzle a little sesame oil and enjoy.

Cooking Tips:

  1. The editor likes to use tomatoes to make soup. The soup cooked with tomatoes is fragrant and has a hint of sourness, which makes the taste of the whole soup more decadent. Although tomatoes are a vegetarian dish, their value is not high. Very high, it will be helpful for laxatives, spleen, digestion, etc. Whether tomatoes are paired with vegetarian dishes or meat dishes, they will have a perfect effect. Pairing tomatoes and beef together to make soup and drink, Warming the body, warming the stomach, and nourishing, is very suitable for drinking in winter.

  2. The editor has something to say when making tomato beef soup. A small trick is to cut the beef into thin slices against the grain and then remember to cook it in boiling water so that the beef slices are cooked in this way. It will be very tender and smooth and remember that the thin cuts of beef are very easy to cook, so don't cook for too long. Cook it for a while after it changes color.

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