Spicy dry braised ribbon fish


  • Frozen ribbon fish
  • Sichuan pepper
  • Chaotian pepper
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • chives
  • flour
  • bean paste
  • sugar
  • salt
  • cooking wine
  • balsamic vinegar
  • white pepper powder
  • MSG
  • high liquor


  1. Rinse the peppercorns, cut the shallots, ginger, garlic, and de-seed the chili peppers.

  2. Clean up the ribbon fish slaughter, cut it into the same size, add a little high-quality white wine, salt, and pepper to pickle for about 10 minutes (marinating with high-quality white wine can effectively remove the fishy smell of ribbon fish, better than cooking wine).

  3. In a clean bowl, add half a bowl of water, then add a little pepper, chicken essence, sugar, balsamic vinegar, cooking wine, and stir well (the fish has been marinated with salt, and the bean paste is also a little salty in step 10, So there is no need to add salt to this dressing).

  4. Dry the marinated ribbon fish, then apply a layer of dry powder. The purpose of this is to prevent sticking to the pan. If the pan at home is not sticky, you can do not apply dry powder.

  5. When the oil in the pan is 70% or 80% hot, add the octopus and fry it.

  6. Fry the fish pieces until golden brown on both sides, remove and drain the oil.

  7. Leave the remaining oil in the pot, sauté the remaining pepper, remove the pepper.

  8. Add the shallot white, ginger, garlic and Chaotian pepper and stir-fry.

  9. Add an appropriate amount of Pixian bean paste, stir fry on low heat until red oil is produced.

  10. Pour in the prepared sauce and bring to a boil.

  11. Put in the fried octopus.

  12. Bring to a boil over high heat and turn to medium-low heat to thicken the soup, wrap the soup on the octopus, sprinkle with spring onions and garnish with flowers, and serve.

  13. The amount of seasoning can be increased or decreased according to your own taste.


Are Sichuan peppercorns the same as red peppercorns?

There are two main kinds of Sichuan peppercorns: red peppercorns, which showcase an earthy depth, and green peppercorns, which are rarer and more floral.

What is ribbon fish taste?

The flesh is between flounder and sea trout – mild with a hint of briny, ocean flavor. The texture is delicate, with white, flaky meat.

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