How to make clam eggs

Ingredients for clams eggs

handful of kidney beans
an egg
Three slices of ginger
two shallots
Appropriate amount of cooking wine
One oyster sauce
two servings
A piece of sugar
one lard
vegetable oil

How to make clam eggs

  1. Find a way to make the purchased live clams spit sand, add salt, refuel and shake the hot bubbles, and deal with them as you are used to

  2. Clean up and throw it into a pot with ginger and cooking wine. Cook until the shells are more than half open. Turn off the heat and let it cool. Take the meat patiently. If you can't eat enough meat, you can seal it with soup and put it in the freezer.
    Recipe diagram of bean clams and eggs in scallion sauce 3

  3. Heat the pot and add some scallions, half lard and half vegetable oil
    Recipe diagram of bean clams and eggs in scallion sauce 4

  4. Fry until fragrant and pour soy sauce on low heat, add sugar and oyster sauce according to the ratio of ingredients column

  5. After mixing well, throw the clam meat, turn up the heat, and throw in the cooked kidney beans that were chopped up and used up yesterday.

  6. Add clam soup according to personal preference, boil it on high heat, scoop it up, taste it carefully, and add ingredients according to personal taste, if the taste is right, then pour eggs and scallions

  7. When the egg is set, turn off the heat and take it out, add some water to the soup in the pot, boil it and cook the noodles, mix it up and eat it fresh

Nutritional value of clams

The nutritional characteristics of clams are high protein, high trace elements, high iron, high calcium, and less fat. Clams are not only delicious, but also have comprehensive nutrition, so they are really good and cheap seafood. It contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, vitamins, amino acids and taurine and other ingredients.

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