Coconut Cubes Recipe

Of course, you can't eat coconut shells, but the inner layer of the coconut shell is the coconut fruit we often eat. That layer is edible. I don't know if it is coconut skin. The outermost layer is indeed not. It can be known that we can only eat the white pulp of the layer inside, which is the part we often call coconut fruit.


  • 100 g coconut meat

  • 200 g water or coconut water

  • 90 g rock sugar


  1. Take coconut meat.

  2. 100g coconut meat, I cut a little bit from fresh coconut.

  3. I use coconut water. If you don't have it, use water.

  4. Boil water and sugar together until the rock sugar melts.

  5. The sugar has melted.

  6. Pour in the coconut meat and cook together.

  7. At this time, you can already smell the fragrance of coconut oil, be sure to use a low fire. Keep stirring with a spoon.

  8. Continue to stir fry with a spoon; slowly, it will show this state. You can see the icing sugar separates, and then continue to stir fry, be sure to use low heat.

  9. Stir fry until the coconut meat is distinct and dry and the sweet coconut flakes are ready.

  10. The chewier, the more fragrant the coconut flakes are. The rock sugar can be halved if you don't like it too sweet.

The whole process is very simple, but it is fragrant. The more fragrant you chew, the less coconut meat will not be wasted after drinking the coconut water.

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August 13, 2022 - In chinese recipe

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