Double Skin Milk: One Of The Tastiest Chinese Dessert


  • milk
  • eggs
  • sugar


  1. First, put the purchased whole milk into the steamer and steam for ten minutes. Pour the milk into a clean bowl, cover it with a layer of plastic wrap, then put it into the steamer, and steam for about ten minutes on medium heat. The timer starts when the water boils.

  2. In the process of steaming the milk, we find a clean large bowl, put two eggs in the bowl, and separate the egg white and yolk of the egg. After the egg yolks are removed, stir the egg whites evenly. The egg whites do not need to be stirred for too long or the egg whites will be whipped. The remaining egg yolks can also be used to steam bread. The method of steaming bread is very simple, so I won't explain it in detail here.

  3. Stir the egg whites for a while, and then add a spoonful of sugar. If you like sweets, you can put in more sugar. You can use less sugar as appropriate if you don't like it too sweet. Add a tbsp sugar and mix well.

  4. Steam the milk for about ten minutes. Take the steamed milk out of the pot and let it cool. After the milk is cooled, a thin layer of milk skin will be formed on it. We can use a toothpick to pick out a small mouth of the milk skin formed on the surface of the milk along the side of the bowl. And pour the milk under the milk skin into the egg whites that we put in the sugar. Of course, keep some milk in the bowl of milk, do not pour out all the milk. Otherwise, the milk skin is very easy to stick to the bowl.

  5. Stir the mixture of milk and egg whites evenly. Then use a sieve to filter the mixture of egg white and milk. We pour the filtered mixture into the bowl along the edge of the bowl just now and cover it with plastic wrap. Use a toothpick to poke a few small holes in the surface of the plastic wrap. Then boil the water in the pot, after the water boils, put the milk into the steamer again, and steam for about ten minutes on medium heat. Turn off the heat for about ten minutes, and simmer for another five minutes.

  6. We can put some red beans and raisins on the surface of the double-skin milk after it is out of the pot to embellish it. Of course, you can also not embellish it if you eat it by yourself. Especially in the summer, the double-skin milk can be refrigerated for a while, and then taken it out and eat it, it tastes great!

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