Kama Salmon Recipe


  • snapper jaw
  • Rice wine
  • Mirin
  • pepper salt
  • lemon


  1. The chin of this big bag of fish needs to be washed to remove the bloody water at home. The bloody water is the source of the fishy smell. If it is washed clean and eaten, there is no fishy smell. In addition, the temperature of the ordinary household oven is only 250 degrees, so it is recommended to remove the fish scales as well. Clean and it will bake faster.

  2. Slightly marinate with rice wine to remove fishy smell, and then lightly spread with mirin.

  3. Put on the grill. In order to make the skin crispy, do not put tin foil under the chin of the fish, but place the tin foil on the bottom of the oven to catch the dripping grease and moisture for a while. While baking, pay attention to the appearance changes, Turn it over in time so that both sides are evenly heated

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