Kumquat lemon tea

The weather has been very hot recently, and everyone must feel the heat coming. So what way do you choose to quench your thirst and fever in summer? I believe that many people choose ice cream or a cup of iced milk tea! When the weather is hot, everyone can see a cup of milk tea in the streets and alleys, but if we buy milk tea every day, the consumption may be higher. So the question is, how can you drink cold and soothing drinks at a lower consumption? Today, this drink is very suitable for hot summer. Let’s learn this ice-cold thirst-quenching Internet celebrity drink-Kumquat Lemon Tea.

Kumquat lemon tea is different from ordinary milk tea. Everyone knows that drinking milk tea will make you gain weight. Although the sugar content of kumquat lemon tea is also high, it is not as high in sugar as ordinary milk tea. In addition, the kumquat in kumquat lemon And lemons are actually very good fruit materials in summer. They are very sweet and thirst-quenching, and they also contain vitamins, which can also supplement the vitamin content in people's bodies.

If you want to drink such a cup of kumquat lemon tea in a milk tea shop, it will cost at least 10 yuan, but today I will teach you how to make several cups of kumquat lemon tea with ten yuan. And this kumquat lemon tea is not only sweet and sour, it is cold and thirst-quenching, but also has a very high appearance. Compared with the kumquat lemon tea sold outside, it is not inferior. So let’s take a look at the making process of this cup of kumquat lemon tea!


Kumquat lemon tea, as the name suggests, is a kind of tea made from kumquats and lemons, so everyone needs to prepare some kumquats and lemons as ingredients before preparing kumquat lemon tea.

  1. We first remove the stalks of the prepared kumquats, then put some water in the pot, and boil the water with high heat. Immediately after, you can put the stalked kumquats into boiling water and blanch for three minutes. The purpose of removing kumquats is to remove some bitterness in the water. After boiling the kumquats for a while, we can take out the kumquats in the water and put them on a plate to cool.

  2. We put the cooked kumquats on the chopping board, cut the kumquats in half with a knife, and then remove the seeds that fell into them.

  3. We put the cut kumquats into the pot and add some new water, then add some rock sugar or white sugar, and boil the water with high heat. After the water boils, you can turn the fire to a small size. heat, then continue to cook the kumquats until the sauce thickens. Here, you can choose the amount of sugar added according to your own taste. If you like to drink sweeter kumquat lemon tea, add more sugar, if you like to drink sour tea, add less sugar.

  4. We clean the prepared lemons and cut the lemons in half. Then squeeze some of the juice from the lemon into the boiling kumquat lemonade. After adding the lemon juice, you can also add a little honey to make the kumquat lemon tea taste better.

  5. We can pour the boiled kumquat lemon sauce from the pot into a bottle to cool, but before you pour it into the bottle, you need to observe whether the kumquat lemon soup has been boiled into kumquat lemon sauce . Finally, we can put the prepared kumquat lemon jam in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours and then take it out.

  6. Take the refrigerated kumquat lemon curd out of the refrigerator, then scoop a little kumquat lemon curd into a cup, and then add purified water. You can also choose to cut a few slices of lemon and put them into the kumquat lemon tea. Finally, put the prepared kumquat lemon tea into the refrigerator and refrigerate. After 1 to 2 hours, you can take it out and eat it.

In this way, a cup of kumquat lemon tea with super high value, super heat-clearing and thirst-quenching is completed. Isn't the whole process super easy? And everyone can make more kumquat lemon jam at one time and put it in the refrigerator. When the weather is hot and you want to drink it, you can take it out of the refrigerator and make kumquat lemon tea. It is delicious with ice cubes. In the whole process, you can make many cups of kumquat lemon tea with only a dozen yuan. Isn’t it very cost-effective? Come and try it now.


  1. Before boiling the kumquats, be sure to wash the kumquats, remove the stems, and then boil them with water until soft.
  2. In the process of adding rock sugar, we can actually add more sugar, because the kumquat made in that way will be sweeter, and its taste will gradually fade during the process of making kumquat lemon tea.
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