Laba Garlic Recipe


Why is LaBa Garlic green?

Laba garlic is generally pickled in an acidic environment at low temperature. Only low temperature can activate the dormant allinase in garlic, and the activated allinase catalyzes the biochemical reaction of garlic cells. After being soaked in vinegar, garlic in an acidic environment will undergo a series of reactions to produce allicin.

Usually, the first formed pigment is blue pigment (also called allicin), and the unstable blue pigment will gradually transform into yellow pigment (also called allicin). In the early stage, there are more blue pigments. With the change of chemical reaction, blue pigments and yellow pigments will coexist. Under the superposition of the two pigments, garlic will appear green at this time.

What is LaBa Garlic taste like?

Laba garlic has a sour and spicy taste. Laba garlic usually refers to garlic pickled with vinegar. The finished product is emerald green in color and slightly sour and slightly spicy in taste.

How to Make LaBa Garlic


  • 8 heads of purple garlic
  • 5g rock sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • Mature vinegar 350ml


  1. Prepare the ingredients first. Very simple, only garlic and vinegar.

  2. I prepared about eight heads of garlic, peeled off the outer skin, broke the garlic into small cloves, peeled off the outer skin of each garlic clove, and removed the bad and injured garlic cloves.

  3. Cut off the root of the peeled garlic clove with a knife to expose the inner core, then pierce it with a toothpick. It will allow the vinegar sauce to penetrate faster and shorten the marinating time.

  4. It is important to use a jar to disinfect. I use a 500ml container. After washing it with clean water, I scald it twice with hot water. After draining the water in the jar, I rinse it into the white wine. This way, It’s all for the sake of health, don’t take it too much trouble. Put the treated garlic cloves in an airtight jar, and place the garlic 2/3 of the way into the container, no more. Then add 5 grams of rock sugar, pour in the vinegar almost flush with the mouth of the jar (the acidity of the vinegar should be 6-6.5), and finally, add one tablespoon of white wine and seal it tightly.

  5. It is placed at room temperature in winter and marinated for about three weeks. It can be exposed to sunlight. Increasing the temperature difference day and night can shorten the marinating time. It will turn green faster. Low temperature is the key to marinating Laba garlic. Appropriate. After about seven days, we can see that the Laba garlic has been completed, take it out and eat it.


  1. To make Laba garlic, the garlic should be dry. If there is moisture on the surface of the garlic, it will quickly deteriorate during the soaking process.
  2. As long as the vinegar is not over the garlic, there is no specific weighing. I feel that black rice vinegar is more delicious. If the room temperature is warm, it will turn green entirely in about 8 to 9 days. The whole process of pickling garlic is one day, one day, which turns green.
  3. You don’t need to pickle too much at a time because, according to friends, it will turn yellow after a few days of green. I have to have it a few days later, but the color will also fade, but the taste does not change. Then I put it in the fridge right away, and the color stayed green all the time. You can store them in the refrigerator after turning green and eat them as soon as possible.
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