Loofah recipe


Loofah is an ingredient we often eat daily, and the taste and nutritional value of loofah are excellent. Today, I will share with you a loofah, a very delicious method, home-cooked loofah, and I want to share with you a treatment method for a loofah. The loofah treated in this way will not turn black after cooking and still maintain its crisp and tender color not only It tastes delicious and looks very tasty. So let’s take a look at the cooking steps of this fresh and delicious, green and not blackened home-cooked loofah.


  • loofah
  • salt
  • garlic
  • spicy millet
  • edible oil
  • water starch
  • oyster sauce


  1. First, take out the loofah we prepared, put it in a large basin, and add an appropriate amount of water to clean it. After cleaning, take it out to control the moisture on the surface, and then use a paring knife to peel it off. For its skin, peel off the skin of the loofah, then cut off the head and tail, cut the loofah into small pieces with a hob, and put it in the pot. Next, add an appropriate amount of salt to the basin, add water, and soak the loofah for 5 minutes.

  2. Why soak the loofah in salt water? Because after washing in this way, the loofah will not turn black when it is fried. Please take out the prepared garlic and smash it. Chop the minced garlic, chop the millet pepper, and put them all in a bowl for later use. Heat oil in a pot. Don’t put on too much fat.

  3. Put a little less oil; it will be more refreshing and not greasy. After adding cooking oil and heating it, let’s put minced garlic in and fry until fragrant. After frying, we can arrange a loofah in it. The loofah should be dried before putting it in the pot. After adding the loofah, stir fry quickly for a minute over high heat.

  4. The time of one minute is coming soon. Next, let’s put the millet peppers in, keep the fire, and stir fry quickly so that the aroma of millet peppers can come out quickly. Adding millet peppers can enhance the scent, but if you don’t like spicy food very much or can’t eat spicy food, you can leave out millet peppers.

  5. After the aroma of millet peppers is fried, let’s pour the prepared water starch directly into the pot and stir-fry them. Next, add a little salt and oyster sauce to taste, but not too much salt and oyster sauce. Turn off the heat after a minute.


  1. The loofah must be soaked in salt water to avoid blackening during the cooking process.
  2. Do not add too much water starch, and keep cooking on high heat when cooking.
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