Loofah Shrimp Soup


  • 1 loofah
  • 15 shrimps
  • ham
  • chopped green onion
  • salt
  • white pepper


  1. Wash the loofah, peel it and cut into hob pieces; pick the shrimp and remove the guts and wash them; slice the cooked ham.
  2. Put a small amount of oil in a hot pan, fry minced garlic until fragrant, add in the loofah pieces, stir fry until the loofah changes color, pour in an appropriate amount of water.
  3. After the fire is boiled, add shrimps, cooked ham and cook, season with salt and pepper, and chopped green onion, then serve.

loofah is cool in nature, sweet in taste, and has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, resolving phlegm and detoxification, removing skin oil, moisturizing, tenderizing skin, and removing fine wrinkles. It is very suitable for eating this season. Shrimp is rich in protein and calcium, and tastes delicious. The perfect "collision" between loofah and shrimp is a healthy and sweet food. .

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