Mango Fried Rice

Mongo Fried Rice is a super easy-to-make, healthy, and delicious rice recipe. Mango makes the taste of fried rice fresh in an instant. Although it is not a big fish or meat, it is refreshing and not greasy in the mouth, and it is very fragrant.

Ingredients for Mango Fried Rice

  • Rice 50-60g
  • Mango 10g
  • Broccoli 20g
  • 20g minced pork
  • vegetable oil


Step 1:
Peel the mango and cut it into small pieces for later use.

Step 2:
Clean the broccoli, blanch it in water, remove it, and chop it finely for later use.

Step 3:
Clean the pork and chop it into minced meat for later use.

Step 4:
Heat a pan with cold oil over medium-high heat, pour in the minced pork, and stir-fry until it changes color.

Step 5:
Pour in the rice and stir fry evenly for a minute.

Step 6:
Pour in the blanched broccoli and diced mango, and stir fry evenly again. Broccoli is already cooked, and mango can also be eaten raw. Therefore, there is no need to stir fry for too long. Otherwise, the whole fried rice will become wetter and wetter, which will affect the taste.

Step 7:
The fried rice with mango is refreshing and pleasant, sweet and sour, and it is guaranteed that the baby will not be enough to eat one spoonful after another.

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