Mongolian Tofu Recipe


Mongolian tofu (milk tofu) is a common dairy food in the homes of Mongolian herdsmen. Food made from coagulated and fermented milk, goat’s milk, mare’s milk, etc. The shape is similar to ordinary tofu, but it is not tofu. It is named for its resemblance to tofu.


  • Two patties of homemade yogurt
  • White sugar


Step 1:
Prepare yogurt made with a yogurt maker.

Step 2:
Pour the yogurt into the pot, boil it over medium heat first, and stir constantly. This process is relatively boring and takes about 20 minutes. Sugar can be added at this step.

Step 3:
When the yogurt in the pot looks like this, it should be changed to a small fire, and it still needs to be stirred constantly. I was careful to stir the sides of the pan when I made this, but it was still a bit mushy.

Step 4:
In fact, this level is still a bit wet, but my pot is half covered, so I turned off the heat, anyway, it is still cool~

Step 5:
I don’t have a tofu box, so I wrapped it in oiled paper to make a shape. The milk tofu made from two catties of yogurt is not as big as a palm.

Step 6:
Now, it is still a semi-finished product and needs to be cooled in a ventilated place for two days. I didn’t add any sugar and it was quite sour.

Cooking skills
If you don’t want the milk tofu to be too hard, you can add a little butter to it.

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