Noodlefish recipe


Noodle fish is what we locals call it. The scientific name is silver fish, which is very rich in calcium. The best way to eat noodle fish is to fry it. After frying, it will be crunchy and delicious.


  • Noodles fish
  • salt
  • pepper
  • chicken essence
  • cooking wine
  • oil
  • flour
  • eggs
  • starch

How to Cook Noodle Fish

  1. Wash the noodles and fish.

  2. Add salt, chicken essence, cooking wine and pepper and marinate for ten minutes. Control dry moisture.

  3. Beat two eggs, add flour and starch to make a batter. Flour and starch ratio: 3:1. Adjust to a viscous state.

  4. Add the marinated noodle fish to the batter, if the batter can hang the noodle fish. If it feels thin, add a little flour and mix well.

  5. Add 500g oil to the pot. When the oil temperature reaches 40% to 50% hot, add the noodle fish and fry them one by one to prevent sticking. The oil temperature can be tested with chopsticks. It was 40% hot just bubbling, and 50% hot when the bubbles disappeared.

  6. Control the oil temperature, gradually turn off the fire to maintain the oil temperature, and fry all the noodles and fish. The noodle fish is very well cooked, and it is basically cooked when it floats into the oil pan.

  7. When the oil in the frying pan continues to heat up to 70% to 80% hot, add the noodle fish for further frying. This time it was a little crisper and harder. Look at the color of the noodle fish darken, remove it. 70% heat is the state when the oil is continuously smoking.

  8. Finished product loading. Can be eaten as a snack.


The batter for fried things is very important, it must be thick enough to hang the noodles and fish. Otherwise, it will be mushy when frying. When frying things, it can be 40 to 50% hot when frying. During the second frying, it is about 70% to 80% hot.

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