Peony Shrimp Recipe


  • peony shrimp
  • dutch beans
  • salt
  • chicken seasoning
  • cooking wine
  • ginger Juice
  • starch


  1. Peel fresh shrimp and pull out the intestinal threads from the shrimp’s tail.

  2. Use a knife to make three even slices on the back of the shrimp, without cutting them off, so they are attached to the abdomen.

  3. You can start with a slice in the middle and then a slice on each side.

  4. Cut the four pieces of shrimp meat to an even thickness.

  5. Put the sliced shrimp into the water and rinse well.

  6. Drain the water, and add the appropriate amount of ginger, salt, chicken, and starch sizing.

  7. Add water to a boil in a pot, put a small spoonful of wine, and put the paste of good shrimp into the steam.

  8. steamed shrimp pieces automatically shrink like flower petals.

  9. Dutch beans are cut into leaf shapes with a knife and put salt in boiling water.

  10. And shrimp balls together on the plate.

  11. Put a little water in the pot, add the right amount of salt and chicken seasoning, add a small amount of water starch, and hook thin gravy drizzled on the shrimp balls.


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