Pork Blood Recipe

Pork blood is actually a very nutritious ingredient, but it has a little fishy smell, so some people don't like to eat it. Today, I will share with you a method that is different from the way we usually cook pork blood. After making it, it is spicy and fragrant, and the pork blood is very tender and tastes very good. The most important thing is that such pork blood cannot taste fishy. So let's take a look at this tutorial on making boiled pork blood together!


  • pork blood
  • salt
  • cucumber
  • coriander
  • onion ginger
  • garlic
  • millet pepper
  • edible oil
  • bean paste
  • sugar
  • oyster sauce
  • soy sauce
  • starch water


  1. We still have to prepare the boiled pork blood first, and prepare all the materials needed. Prepare an appropriate amount of pork blood first. You don’t need too much pork blood, just a little less. Then prepare a cucumber, a coriander, an appropriate amount of onion, ginger, and garlic, two millet peppers, and a pinch of pepper. After preparing these materials, let's prepare the seasoning for seasoning. Prepare appropriate amount of salt, bean paste, sugar, pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce. Finally, prepare the cooking oil for cooking and the starch water for juice collection. After all preparations are completed, we can start the production of this boiled pork blood.

  2. Let's process the pork blood first. The pork blood is first cut into long strips, and then cut into small pieces. After the pork blood is cut, put it in a large basin, and then add clean water without pork blood to the basin. Soak it for a while. After soaking, let's rinse it several times with flowing flushing water to rinse the blood. After cleaning, let's soak it in clean water. Add four tablespoons of salt to the water and soak the pork's blood for ten minutes.

  3. Let’s not waste the period of soaking pork blood. While soaking pork blood, let’s cut some cucumber slices and coriander. Before cutting cucumbers, clean them, cut them in half from the middle, and then cut them into pieces. The slices are fine, and the coriander can be chopped directly. Then cut a little more onion, ginger, garlic and millet pepper, and put them on a plate after all of them are cut.

  4. Boil the oil. When the oil in the pot is 50% hot, let's put a little peppercorn in it first, and sauté the peppercorns until fragrant. After the fragrance of Chinese pepper comes out, let's pour in the onion, ginger, garlic and millet pepper, and stir-fry together. After frying, add a spoonful of bean paste and continue to stir-fry a few times.

  5. After frying the red oil from the bean paste, we pour a large bowl of water into it, then cover the pot and bring the water to a boil. When the water boils, put a tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon of sugar, an appropriate amount of pepper, an appropriate amount of oyster sauce and soy sauce. Stir them evenly, then boil the water, and finally pour the prepared starch. Water, pull the seasoning apart, and pour the pork blood into the pot.

  6. After pouring in the pork's blood, let's stir it with a spatula so that they can be mixed evenly. After the pork's blood is ready, let's cover it first, then boil the soup in the pot with high heat, and finally put the cucumber Pour in the coriander and shovel a few times in the soup. After a while, the pot can be served. After the plate is placed, we can enjoy the deliciousness. A very delicious boiled pork blood is finished.


  1. pork blood should be washed as many times as possible, so that it can be washed clean.
  2. Be sure to pay attention to the order in which the various ingredients are put into the pot.
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