Puff pastry peach cobbler

Required ingredients

  • 150g flour
  • 2.5g baking soda
  • 1.5g aluminum-free baking powder
  • 55g soft white sugar
  • 55g corn oil
  • 1 egg
  • 30g walnut


  1. Prepare about 40 grams of walnut kernels. The walnuts themselves taste a bit bitter, so in order to increase the flavor, preheat the oven at 140°C for 10 minutes, then put the walnuts in, bake at 140°C for about 10 minutes, until the walnuts taste fragrant and crunchy. . You can also use a wok to fry without an oven, but be sure to use the lowest heat.

  2. Chop the roasted walnuts for later use.

  3. Pour 55g corn oil into the container. Be sure to use edible oil with a lighter taste. Rapeseed oil is not recommended here. If you have lard or butter, you can also use it. Add 55g soft white sugar and stir with egg whip until the sugar and oil are mixed together. If there is enough time, it is best to keep stirring until the sugar melts.

  4. Then add an egg and stir again to make a liquid with the same color.

  5. Sieve 150g flour, 2.5g baking soda and 1.5g aluminum-free baking powder into the corn oil mixture you just mixed. Then use a spatula or directly with your hands to mix evenly to mix well and form a looser dough. Do not knead the dough like kneading dough to prevent the dough from becoming gluten, and the peach crisps will not be crispy.

  6. The dough is not smooth at this time, so move it to the chopping board, use a scraper to divide the dough in two, then stack the two doughs together and press, repeat this action until the surface of the dough becomes even and smooth .

  7. Then mix the chopped walnuts into the dough, and repeat the stacking and pressing action above until all the walnuts are incorporated into the dough.

  8. Roll the dough into a long strip, and divide it into equal-sized dough pieces, each about 40 grams.

  9. Roll the medicine into a ball, put it in the palm of your hand and flatten it into a small round cake with a thickness of about 1 cm, and then press a hole in the middle of the round cake.

  10. Brush a little egg wash in and around the holes, sprinkle some chopped walnuts or black sesame seeds as garnish.

  11. Preheat the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes, then put oil-absorbing paper on the baking tray, put peach crisps, and bake in the oven at 180°C for about 15 minutes. Specifically, it depends on the coloring of the peach crisps, because the performance of the oven is different, and the temperature is also different.


  1. When making biscuits, it is generally necessary to sieve the flour, which will make the finished product more fluffy and delicate.
  2. For biscuits, it is necessary to avoid the gluten of the dough, so do not knead the dough. It is best to repeatedly stack and press or grasp and mix, so as to make the finished product more crispy.
  3. After the peach crisps are placed in the baking pan, the distance between each one should not be too close, because it will expand during the baking process to prevent sticking together.
  4. Peach crisps should be left to cool naturally before eating, so that the taste will be crispy.
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