Salmon Tempura Roll Recipe


Tempura rolls are a type of sushi roll, and sushi rolls are a type of Japanese cuisine. Salmon tempura rolls are very common, but the freshness of perilla leaves and the sweet and sour taste of plum sauce add to this dish. Added many highlights.


  • salmon
  • Basil leaves
  • plum sauce
  • flour
  • tempura paste
  • sliced onion
  • plain noodles


Step 1:
Cut the salmon into thin strips, put them on the perilla leaves, spread the plum sauce evenly, roll up the plum sauce and the salmon strips, and set aside.
Step 2:
When the oil pan is heated to 60% heat, put the prepared salmon rolls with some flour and tempura paste into the oil pan, fry for about 45 seconds, and remove and control the oil.
Step 3:
After coating the onion slices with flour and tempura paste, fry them in the oil pan. Put the plain noodles in the pan and fry them in the fans. Set aside for use.
Step 4:
Put the tempura paper on the plate, put the fried onion and noodles, then put the salmon in plum sauce, after a little decoration, serve with the tempura sauce dish.


How long does to store the salmon tempura roll´╝č

Generally, tempura rolls can be stored for about one to three days if they are properly preserved. However, it is best to buy and eat tempura rolls now. Do not store them for too long. Otherwise, the freshness of the tempura rolls will decrease and affect their flavor. and taste.

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