Scallop jerky recipe:simple and delicous


Scallop jerky is soaked and used for cooking. The taste is more delicious without the fishy smell, and the frying process is difficult to deform. This time, the essence of Scallop jerky (dried scallops) is used.

Scallop jerky taste

Scallop jerky is a type of dried, cured seafood that is typically made from thinly sliced scallops. It has a slightly sweet and salty taste, with a slightly chewy texture. The flavor of scallop jerky may vary depending on how it is seasoned and prepared. Some people describe the taste as being similar to other types of seafood jerky, such as shrimp or squid, while others say that it has a more distinctive taste. Overall, scallop jerky is a flavorful and satisfying snack that is enjoyed by many people around the world.



  • scallop jerky
  • a cucumber
  • carrot
  • onion
  • ginger
  • salt
  • oil


  1. Put the dried scallops in a small bowl and soak them in cold water for three hours. According to your taste, the time for chewing is shorter. You can also soak them in the refrigerator before bed the night before and use them the next day.
  2. Reserve the dried scallops after soaking, and prepare a cucumber and a carrot (half of them are used).
  3. Dice cucumbers, and carrots, and finely chop green onions and ginger.
  4. Pour corn oil into the pot (two teaspoons, too much will be greasy), heat on low heat, and add onion and ginger to fry the pot.
  5. Add the drained scallops and fry a few times. Add in diced carrots and fry a few times over high heat.
  6. After the carrots are slightly broken, add diced cucumbers
  7. Stir fry a few times until the cucumber changes color slightly. Add salt (one-third of a teaspoon of seasoning) and a teaspoon of oil, and stir fry out of the pan.

The water added when the dried scallops are soaked should be just before the dried scallops. Too much water will dilute the umami of the dried scallops.
This dish needs to be fried on high heat and cooked quickly. Otherwise, it will affect the taste and color of the dish.

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