Shrimp head oil

The nutritional value of shrimp oil is relatively high, because the shrimp oil is extracted from shrimp.So all the 30 nutritional value volume elements is part of shrimp oil, the most notable of which is protein and amino acid protein in our human body weight is a very important nutritional value.
Protein can help us improve our own resistance and strengthen our own immunity. In a harsh environment, people can resist viruses or bacteria, which is very meaningful to people's health.
In addition to protein, there are many types of amino acids, but some amino acids cannot be synthesized by itself, which requires us to obtain the amino acids in shrimp oil from food. It is very important for us. The amino acids that people need are all in shrimp oil, so the amino acids in shrimp oil are very important.


  • Jiwei shrimp head
  • ginger slices
  • green onions

Shrimp oil practice steps

  1. Wash and cut the onion and ginger slices.

  2. Preheat the pot, reduce the heat, and add the ginger and onion.

  3. Wash and drain the shrimp heads in advance, wipe dry with kitchen paper, and put them in a frying pan.

  4. Pay attention to turn it over.

  5. Boil for about thirty minutes.

  6. Clip out the shrimp heads.

  7. Shrimp oil leaked.

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