Simple Bacon Fried Rice


  • A large bowl of rice (preferably overnight rice that has been refrigerated)
  • three eggs
  • 3 slices of bacon
  • 3 tablespoons of braised soy sauce
  • A teaspoon of rice wine
  • White sugar
  • Four shallots


Step 1:
Wash the onion and cut it into a chopped green onion, and cut the bacon into pieces. Beat the eggs, add a little bit of salt and beat well for later use.

Step 2:
Pour the rice into a large bowl, press it with the back of a spoon to disperse it, add rice wine, braised soy sauce, and a little white sugar, and mix well.

Step 3:
Take the oil pan, when the oil temperature is seven minutes hot, pour in the egg liquid and stir-fry until it condenses into lumps, and immediately take it out.

Step 4:
Pour a little more oil into the pan, stir-fry the bacon until golden brown, pour in the mixed rice, and stir-fry until the rice grains are separated, pour in the eggs and stir-fry evenly. Finally, sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve.


What oil do Chinese use for fried rice?

Fried rice is generally fried with peanut oil, but edible oils such as butter, tea oil, lard, and rapeseed oil can also be used.

What does bacon taste like?

Bacon is one of the three major Western-style meat products. It refers to smoked rib meat or smoked salty back meat.

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