Snail soup recipe

There are many kinds of snails, all over the world. In China, snails are mainly used for medicinal purposes, and very few local dishes are related to snails. There is a saying in Guangdong, China: "It is better to eat without vegetables than without soup." The hot and humid climate has created the habit of Yunfu people to like soup and coupled with the unique food culture, it is not surprising that "snail soup" appears.


  • Snails
  • lean meat
  • red dates
  • wolfberry
  • ginger
  • pork
  • eggs
  • ginger
  • shochu
  • salt
  • sugar
  • chicken essence
  • pepper

How to Cook Snail soup:

  1. Snails need to be processed in advance. Pick out the snail meat, drain the water and save it;

  2. After the ginger is fragrant, add lean meat and stir fry; add snails, red dates, wolfberry, ginger, pork, fried eggs, and other ingredients; add a small amount of shochu to remove the fishy smell, and stir fry for a while and add water;

  3. Season with salt, sugar and chicken essence, and add an appropriate amount of pepper so that this soup can nourish not only yin and kidney but also warm the stomach;

  4. Finally, put it into a clay pot, cover it, and cook for about 15 minutes.

After removing the lid, the steaming soup is milky white. The snail seals the aroma and umami in the meat and hides it in the soup. Snail soup is unique!

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