Steamed peach buns chinese recipe


  • White Dough
  • Cabbage Dough
  • Red Yeast Powder


  1. Add an appropriate amount of flour, warm water and baking powder to form a smooth dough, and let it rise in a warm place.

  2. Fermented white noodles.

  3. Take an appropriate amount of air and knead into a ball.

  4. Divide into four doses of 160g, exhaust and knead into balls. Rub the peach tip with your palm and the tiger's mouth. Rub it up as much as possible to make the peach tip exaggerated. Because when the face wakes up, it will not be very obvious.

  5. Hold the peach-shaped dough with the left hand, and use the back of the knife to push out the peach pattern with the right hand. Push it a few times, and if it becomes lighter, the hair will rise, causing the peach lines to disappear or become lighter.

  6. Take an appropriate amount of cabbage dough and roll it out into thin slices.

  7. Cut into oblique triangles or leaves. Cut the leaves diagonally with a knife.

  8. The leaves are soaked in water and stick to the longevity peach. Press a small flower with a red curved surface at the joint of the leaves, and press it with the tip of chopsticks.

  9. Put in the steamer

  10. Add an appropriate amount of red yeast rice powder to the appropriate amount of flour and mix well. Use a fine sieve to sieve to the top of the peach.

  11. The tip of the peach is lavender and turns reddish when ripe. Put cold water on the drawer, steam for 15 minutes and simmer for 5 minutes.

  12. When it is hot, take it out.

  13. Take 280 grams of dough, roll out the air, and roll out the peach shape with the back of a knife.

  14. Sieve the red yeast rice powder and flour mixture.

  15. Roll out the spinach noodles into thin slices, cut them into leaf shapes, and press out the leaves with a knife.

  16. Three drawers. Steam in cold water for twenty-five minutes. Boil five separate pots.

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