Stewed bird nest with rock sugar

Required ingredients

  • edible bird's nest
  • pure water
  • rock sugar
  • 10 g wolfberry
  • a few grains


  1. First prepare a clean container and add pure water, the amount of water should not pass through the bird's nest, and then put it in the bird's nest for 4-6 hours to foam. Depending on the type of bird's nest the soaking time is also different.

  2. The volume of the bird's nest becomes larger, soak it until it is transparent.

  3. Tear open the bird's nest a little bit according to the texture, and use tweezers to remove the remaining fine fluff. All natural bird's nests are artificially selected for their hairs, and some small fine hairs are normal. On the contrary, especially beautiful bird's nest are considered whether they have been bleached, and it is recommended not to eat them.

  4. Put the cleaned bird's nest into the screen, rinse with running water 3-4 times, and finally rinse with pure water.

  5. Boil the bird's nest into a cup. I use a health pot to cook the bird's nest container, and then add pure water that is higher than the bird's nest. Too much water can easily stew the bird's nest.

  6. Boil in water for 25~30 minutes, add rock sugar and washed wolfberry in the last 5 minutes and stir well. Rock sugar can not be too early, the bird's nest will also become water.

  7. Fragrant and nutritious, delicate and smooth bird's nest with rock sugar can be cooked through, add milk and fruit according to personal preference. If you have a small glass bottle, separate the boiled bird's nest and put it in the refrigerator for a while, it will taste better!


Both soaked and stewed bird's nests are made of pure water, so that the bird's nest tastes better when boiled.

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