Stir fry pork kidney recipe

A pig kidney is the kidney of a pig. It is called pig loin in dialect. Pork loin, with the same origin of medicine and food, has the functions of the invigorating kidney, strengthening the waist, and invigorating qi. Pig loin is an excellent tonic for men. With the practice of pork loin, I learned I could make it for my boyfriend or husband.

Many people think that pork loin is delicious but not easy to cook. The fried pork loin is fishy and woody, making it hard to swallow. Milf teaches you the correct way, from handling pork loin to every step of cooking. It's all skills. The pork loin fried according to this set of processes is fresh, tender, delicious, not old and not woody, and has no peculiar smell.


  • 2 pork loin
  • onion
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • green onion
  • beauty pepper
  • hot millet

How to make stir fry pork kidney

  1. Cut the pork loin from the middle, and then cut off the white loin, which is the main source of the pork loin's smell, and all the white things should be removed.
    When I made pork loin for the first time, I thought the white part was fat, so I didn't cut it off. I marinated it and then fried it. The fried pork loin was too fishy, and my family didn't want to eat it. After a car rollover experience, I didn't dare to touch this thing again for a long time. Later, I asked a friend who is a cook for advice. He shared with me some tips on handling pork loin, and this dish was created.

  2. It is also a technical job to cut a lattice knife for the pork loin. First, cut the vertical strips, do not cut the bottom. Each knife is separated by 4 mm, then cut into a grid shape crosswise, then cut into small pieces so that it is fried. It will form a waist flower, and the waist will easily shrink after being heated, so you can't cut it into too small pieces.

  3. Wash the pork loin. Put the cut pork loin on a large plate, add a spoonful of flour and stir well. Pour in clean water to wash off the taste and blood on it repeatedly, do not use too much force when washing to prevent the loin from being broken, and wash the water until it becomes clear.

  4. Marinate the pork loin. After washing, remove and squeeze out the water and put it on a plate, add a spoonful of rice wine, a little pepper, a spoonful of salt, and a spoonful of cornstarch, stir well, marinate and taste.

  5. Next, we cut the ingredients for use: sliced ​​beauty peppers, millet peppers, ​​green onions, sliced ​​onions, and sliced ​​garlic and ginger.

  6. Add another seasoning sauce. Put a little salt, a little sugar, a little pepper, a spoonful of oyster sauce, a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of cornstarch, and a proper amount of water in the bowl, stir well and adjust the ingredients before you start cooking The juice is too slow when frying, which increases the cooking time. The pork loin is easy to fry and too old.

  7. All the ingredients are processed. Start cooking. Heat the pot, heat the oil until it is 60% hot, put in the waist flower, and stir fry quickly to disperse the waist flower. Frying the waist flower can not save oil. Fry the waist flower until it changes. After white, take out the spare.

  8. Keep the base oil in the pot, add garlic and ginger to saute until fragrant, add a spoonful of bean paste to fry red oil, then add spicy millet, beauty pepper, and onion, fry all the ingredients until fragrant, and then add the kidney flower and turn it over Stir-fry for a few times, immediately pour the prepared sauce, stir-fry all the ingredients and stir-fry for flavor, stir-fry with high heat throughout, and quickly drain the soup before serving.

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