Tofu brain recipe


Tofu brain, also known as water tofu, is a famous traditional snack. Highly nutritious foods made from soybean protein are mostly sold in the morning and are often mixed with bean curd and bean curd. According to different tastes, northern chinese prefers salty food, while southern chinese prefers sweet food.



  1. Soak the dried soybeans in water for 10 hours. After soaking, filter the water, put it in the wall breaker, add 10 times the water of the dried soybeans, and start the program.

  2. Soymilk button, after one program is over, start it again and beat it again, so that the soymilk will be more delicate, and the beaten soymilk is filtered with a clean fine gauze cloth to remove the bean dregs.

  3. Prepare the milk pot, put the soy milk in, make sure to cook for 5 minutes after the pot is boiled, use a spoon to skim off the foam. Let it dry to 85 degrees, and put 3g gluconolactone into the electric cooker at the same time.

  4. Use 150 ml water, and after the boiled soy milk is dried, lift it up to a height of 50 cm from the electric cooker, and pour the gluconolactone water into the soy milk.

  5. No need to stir, just add the lid, activate the keep warm button of the electric cooker, keep warm for 20 minutes, the tofu brain is ready, scoop it out with a spoon, add diced pickles, soy sauce, sesame oil, green onion and parsley, etc.

Cooking Tips

  1. The ratio of soybeans and water, remember to use dry soybeans to measure, not soaked soybeans.
  2. Beat the soy milk several times to make it more delicate. Remember to filter it with a mesh to remove the bean dregs. When cooking the soy milk, remember to keep stirring to prevent it from sticking to the pot.
  3. The ratio of gluconolactone to pure water 1:50 should be used to melt the lactone. After the soy milk is dry, it needs to be poured into the gluconolactone and kept in a electric cooker for a while, and the tofu brain will be formed. During the process, do not turn or stir, otherwise it will spread.
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