1989 song sorter



As a website owner, I am always looking for innovative ways to engage my audience and provide them with a unique experience. One of the recent projects I have launched is the 1989 song sorter. In this article, I will introduce the website and explain why it has been successful.

What is the 1989 Song Sorter?

The 1989 Song Sorter is a website that allows users to rank and sort the songs on Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. The website features a simple and user-friendly interface, with users being able to drag and drop the songs in the order they prefer. Once the user has ordered the songs, they can submit their rankings and compare them to others.

Why is it Successful?

There are several reasons why the 1989 Song Sorter has been successful. Firstly, it capitalizes on Taylor Swift’s popularity. Taylor Swift has a massive fanbase, and fans of hers love ranking her songs and debating their favorite tracks.

Secondly, the website provides a unique and interactive experience for users. Rather than simply listening to the album, users can engage with the music and feel like they are participating in the creative process.

Finally, the website has been successful because of its shareability. Users can share their rankings on social media, which further promotes the website and encourages others to try it out.


While the 1989 Song Sorter has been successful, there have been challenges that we have faced. One of the biggest challenges has been maintaining the website’s functionality. As the website has grown in popularity, we have had to upgrade our servers to ensure that the website does not crash or become slow.

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Another challenge has been dealing with spam and abusive comments. We have implemented systems to reduce spam and abusive comments, but this is an ongoing battle.

Future Plans

As the website owner, I am always looking for ways to improve and grow the website. In the future, we plan to expand the website to include more albums by Taylor Swift and other artists. We also plan to introduce new features that will make the website more engaging and fun for users.

Additionally, we want to work on better engaging with our users and building a community around the website. We plan to introduce forums and chat rooms where users can discuss their rankings and debate their favorite songs.


The 1989 Song Sorter has been a successful project, and I am proud to have been a part of it. The website has provided a unique and engaging experience for users and has helped build a community of Taylor Swift fans. As the website owner, I look forward to continuing to grow and develop the website, and I welcome any feedback from users on how we can improve it.