addams family pinball mods


Addams Family Pinball Mods

As the owner and operator of a website catering to pinball enthusiasts, I have noticed a growing trend in recent years – pinball modding. One particular pinball machine that has gained a lot of attention in the modding community is the iconic Addams Family Pinball Machine, released in 1992 by Bally.

Modding refers to the process of customizing or enhancing a pinball machine. It can involve adding new features, replacing stock parts with more high-quality ones, or incorporating LEDs to enhance the overall lighting of the playfield. In the case of the Addams Family Pinball Machine, there are a vast array of mod options available.

Top Addams Family Pinball Mods

Here are some of the most popular mods for this classic game:

Custom Backboard Decals

The backboard of the Addams Family Pinball Machine can be customized with a variety of decals. Common designs include The Addams Family mansion, a skull or other spooky motifs, and even character names or quotes from the film and television show.

Magnet Mod

One of the most common mods for the Addams Family Pinball Machine is the magnet mod, which adds a magnet to certain areas of the playfield. This mod can create new challenges and add excitement to gameplay.

Electric Chair Mod

The electric chair is a prominent feature in the Addams Family Pinball Machine, and modders have found ways to enhance this iconic element. Adding custom lighting and sound effects can create a truly immersive experience.

Thing Turret Mod

The Thing Turret is one of the most prominent features of the Addams Family Pinball Machine, and modders have found ways to incorporate this character into their mods. Mods can include custom lighting, sound effects, and even a moving Thing that interacts with the ball.

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Benefits of Modding

Modding your Addams Family Pinball Machine can enhance your gameplay experience by adding new challenges, making the game more visually appealing, and creating a personalized experience. It can also add value to your machine if you ever decide to sell it.

Modding is a way to express your creativity and show off your personality through your pinball machine. It can be especially rewarding to share your modded machine with other enthusiasts and see their appreciation for the work you’ve put in.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in modding your Addams Family Pinball Machine, there are several resources available online. The first step is to research the different mods available and decide which ones are right for you. Once you’ve made your choices, you can order the necessary parts and start working on your machine.

It’s important to note that modding your pinball machine can void your warranty and may require technical knowledge to accomplish. If you’re not comfortable making the modifications yourself, consider hiring a professional to do the work for you.


The Addams Family Pinball Machine is a classic game that has stood the test of time. Modding is a way to customize this beloved machine and make it your own. With so many mods available, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re a seasoned modder or just starting out, there’s no doubt that modding can elevate your gameplay experience and create a truly unique machine that’s sure to impress anyone who plays it.