airsoft v2 gearbox diagram


Airsoft V2 Gearbox Diagram: Understanding Your Airsoft Weapon

If you’re an avid airsoft player, it’s important to understand the inner workings of your weapon. One of the crucial components of an airsoft gun is the gearbox, which contains various gears, springs, and other mechanical parts that power your weapon. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the V2 gearbox, including its parts, functions, and maintenance requirements.

The Parts of a V2 Gearbox

Airsoft V2 gearbox is a complex mechanism that consists of many parts. Here are the main components of a standard V2 gearbox:

  • Shell: This is the outer casing of the gearbox that holds all the internal components together.
  • Gears: The gears are used to transfer power from the motor to the piston, which propels the BBs out of the barrel.
  • Motor: The motor provides the power to turn the gears.
  • Piston: The piston is responsible for compressing the spring and launching the BBs out of the barrel.
  • Spring: The spring provides the force needed to compress the piston and fire the BBs.
  • Cylinder: The cylinder contains the piston and spring, and is responsible for compressing the air and launching the BBs.
  • Trigger: The trigger controls the release of the piston, which fires the BBs.

The Functions of a V2 Gearbox

The primary function of a V2 gearbox is to power the airsoft gun and launch the BBs out of the barrel. Here’s how it works:

  1. The operator pulls the trigger, which activates the electrical signal to the motor.
  2. The motor spins the gear train, which drives the piston forward and compresses the spring.
  3. As the piston reaches the end of its travel, the trigger releases it, which launches the BBs out of the barrel.
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The V2 gearbox also has several safety features to prevent damage to the gun or injury to the player. For example, the spring tension is limited to prevent the gears from stripping or breaking, and the gearbox will stop functioning if it overheats or runs out of battery power.

The Maintenance of a V2 Gearbox

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your airsoft gun in top condition. Here are some tips on how to maintain your V2 gearbox:

  • Use high-quality BBs to prevent jams and other malfunctions.
  • Clean the barrel and hop-up regularly to maintain accuracy and prevent debris buildup.
  • Check and replace the battery as needed to ensure consistent power output.
  • Lubricate the gearbox regularly to prevent wear and reduce friction between moving parts.
  • Inspect the gearbox for damage or wear, and replace any damaged parts immediately.


Understanding the components and functions of a V2 gearbox is essential for any airsoft player. By knowing how your airsoft gun works and how to maintain it, you can ensure reliable performance and prolong the life of your weapon. So, take the time to learn more about your V2 gearbox and keep your airsoft gun in top condition!