asstr public


As the operator of Asstr Public, I am proud to provide a platform for individuals to share their erotic stories and fantasies freely. Asstr Public is a free platform that allows writers and readers to share and discover new pieces of adult literature. Our mission is to provide an accessible platform for writers to share their work, and for readers to discover new stories and authors.

Our Mission and Values

At Asstr Public, we strive to foster a community that is respectful and open-minded. We believe that erotic literature is a valuable expression of individual creativity, and that it has the ability to provoke thought, inspire creativity, and provide entertainment. We champion freedom of expression and believe that individuals should be free to explore their sexuality in a responsible and consensual manner.

How Asstr Public Works

Asstr Public is a platform that allows users to upload and read erotic stories. To upload a story, users must register for a free account, which they can use to upload and manage their stories. Once the story has been uploaded, it will be reviewed by one of our moderators to ensure that it complies with our user guidelines. Once the story has been approved, it will be published on the website for readers to enjoy.

Readers can browse stories by category, author, or keyword, making it easy to find a piece that suits their interests. Each story is accompanied by a rating system, allowing readers to rate and review each piece. This ensures that readers can find the highest quality stories, while also providing valuable feedback to authors.

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User Guidelines

Asstr Public is committed to ensuring that all content on our website is legal and consensual in nature. Therefore, all content must abide by our user guidelines, which include:

– Content must be consensual and legal in nature
– Content must not promote violence, non-consensual acts, or harm to minors
– Content must not contain illegal pornography, graphic violence, or any other form of illegal content
– Content must not contain personal information, such as real names or contact information

Failure to meet these guidelines may result in the removal of content, suspension, or deletion of user accounts.

The Future of Asstr Public

Asstr Public is dedicated to providing a high-quality platform for the sharing of erotic literature, and we are constantly striving to improve our service. We are constantly adding new features, such as improved search functions and user profiles, to make it easier for users to find and share the content they love.

We are also committed to working with our community of users to ensure that Asstr Public remains a welcoming and inclusive platform. We are open to feedback and suggestions, and we value the input of our users in guiding the future development of our platform.

In conclusion, Asstr Public is a free platform that allows individuals to share erotic stories and fantasies freely. We are committed to fostering a community that is respectful and open-minded, and we strive to provide a high-quality service that meets the needs of our users. We hope that you will continue to support us as we work to build a platform that celebrates freedom of expression and the exploration of sexuality.

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