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Bypass Linkvertise 2022: How to Make Your Website Ad-Free

As a website operator, you might have noticed the increasing use of Linkvertise, a monetization service that allows you to earn money by shortening links and showing ads to visitors before redirecting them to the original content. While Linkvertise can be a useful tool for generating revenue, many users find its ads annoying, intrusive, or even harmful. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks on how to bypass Linkvertise and offer your visitors a better browsing experience.

What is Linkvertise and Why Do Users Hate It?

Linkvertise is a link shortening and monetization platform that allows you to earn money by showing ads to visitors who click on your links. The ads can take various forms, such as pop-ups, banners, videos, or surveys, and they usually require users to complete a task or wait for a few seconds before proceeding to the desired content. While Linkvertise can be an easy way to generate revenue, it has some drawbacks that make it unpopular among users.

Firstly, Linkvertise ads are often intrusive and annoying. They can interrupt the browsing experience, distract users from the main content, and even trigger pop-up blockers or ad blockers. Moreover, some Linkvertise ads can be misleading, deceptive, or malicious, leading users to click on unsafe links, download harmful software, or enter personal information.

Secondly, Linkvertise ads can slow down your website and decrease its performance. The more ads you have on your website, the longer it takes to load the pages, which can discourage users from visiting or staying on your site. Furthermore, Linkvertise ads can consume a significant amount of bandwidth and resources, especially if they contain videos, animations, or scripts.

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How to Bypass Linkvertise and Improve Your Website?

If you want to offer your visitors a better browsing experience and reduce your reliance on Linkvertise, here are some methods you can try:

1. Use a Link Unshortener Extension

One of the easiest ways to bypass Linkvertise and see the original links is to use a link unshortener extension for your web browser. This extension can automatically detect and unshorten any shortened link, including Linkvertise ones, so that you can see the real URL and avoid the ads.

2. Use a Link Decrypter Website

If you don’t want to install any extension, you can use a link decrypter website like, LinkExpander, or CheckShortURL. These websites can decode and reveal the actual link behind any shortened link, so that you can copy and paste it into your address bar without clicking on the ads.

3. Use a Link Masking Service

Another way to bypass Linkvertise and cloak your links is to use a link masking service, such as Pretty Links or Bitly. These services can create branded, customizable, and trackable links that redirect to your original content without displaying any ads. Moreover, they can offer you advanced features, such as link cloaking, link redirection, link monitoring, and link analytics.

4. Use a Membership or Subscription Model

If you want to monetize your website without relying on ads or Linkvertise, you can consider using a membership or subscription model. This model allows you to offer exclusive content, services, or features to your loyal visitors who pay a fee or subscribe to your newsletter. By providing value and building a community, you can attract and retain high-quality users who are willing to pay for your expertise, insights, or entertainment.

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Bypassing Linkvertise and making your website ad-free can be a challenging but rewarding task. By using the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, you can improve your visitors’ experience, increase your website’s performance, and explore alternative monetization methods. Remember that the key to success is to put your users’ interests first, to provide value, and to innovate.