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Chevy Kodiak Seat Swap: How to Upgrade Your Cab Comfort

As a website operator focused on automotive enthusiasts, I understand the love for tinkering with cars and trucks. One popular modification that improves both aesthetics and functionality is a seat swap. Whether you want to replace worn-out factory seats, add more support for long drives, or install a racing-style bucket seat, changing your ride’s seating arrangement can make a significant difference. In this article, we’ll discuss how to tackle a Chevy Kodiak seat swap.

Choosing Your New Seats

Before you start ripping out your old seats, you need to know what you want to replace them with. The market offers plenty of options depending on your budget, style preference, and practical needs. Here are some popular choices:

  • OEM Replacement Seats: These are exact replicas of the factory seats, so the installation process is usually straightforward. If your main goal is just to freshen up your Kodiak’s interior, this is a safe and easy choice.
  • Aftermarket Leather Seats: If you want to add a touch of luxury to your ride, aftermarket leather seats can provide a plush feel and an upscale look. However, be prepared to pay a premium.
  • Bucket Seats: These are popular among performance enthusiasts as they provide more lateral support during spirited driving. Bucket seats come in various sizes, materials, and colors. Some models even have built-in harnesses for track use.
  • Bench Seat Conversions: If you have a crew cab Kodiak but are not fond of the 2+2 seating arrangement, you can convert the rear to a full bench seat. This option is ideal for families or groups who need more seating capacity.

Once you have decided on your new seats, it’s time to prepare for the installation process.

Removing the Old Seats

The Chevy Kodiak’s seats are bolted to the floor using four bolts each. To remove them, you need to:

  1. Disconnect the battery to avoid any accidental deployment of the airbag.
  2. Remove the seat adjustment controls and wiring beneath the seat.
  3. Remove the bolts using a socket wrench and socket extension.
  4. Slide the seat forward to access the rear bolts and backward to access the front bolts.
  5. Lift up the seat and remove it from the cab.
  6. Repeat the process for the other seat.

Make sure to keep the bolts and nuts in a safe place as you’ll need them later.

Installing the New Seats

The installation process for the new seats varies depending on the type and brand you chose. Generally, though, you need to:

  1. Prepare the seat by attaching any additional brackets, sliders, or mounting hardware that come with it.
  2. Place the seat in the cab and align the bolt holes with the holes in the floor.
  3. Insert the bolts and tighten them securely with a torque wrench to the manufacturer’s recommended torque setting. Make sure not to over-tighten as that can damage the threads or the seat frame.
  4. Connect the wiring and controls according to the seat’s instructions.
  5. Test the seat to ensure it’s properly positioned and adjusted for your driving posture.
  6. Repeat the process for the other seat.

Once you’re done, take the new seats for a spin and enjoy the added comfort and style they provide.

Final Thoughts

A seat swap is a relatively simple and rewarding mod that can enhance your Chevy Kodiak’s driving experience. Whether you opt for a factory replacement, a premium leather upgrade, or a racing-style bucket seat, make sure to choose a seat that fits your needs and budget. Also, take your time during the installation process, and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes or safety hazards. By doing so, you’ll end up with a cabin that looks and feels better than ever.


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