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The Dangers of Violent Content on Bestgore: Reflections of a Website Operator

As the operator of a popular website that hosts graphic and often violent content, I have always been aware of the risks associated with my platform. Over the years, I have seen how content posted on Bestgore can attract both support and condemnation from different segments of society. However, the recent Christchurch shooting video posted on Bestgore has brought a whole new perspective to the dangers of graphic content on the internet.

The Christchurch shooting video, which we reluctantly posted, showed the horrific event that took place in New Zealand on March 15, 2019. The video recorded by the shooter, Brenton Tarrant, showed him mercilessly gunning down worshipers in two mosques. Although the video lasted for only 17 minutes, its impact was felt around the world, and it sparked outrage and condemnation from all corners.

As the operator of Bestgore, I understand that hosting such graphic content comes with ethical and legal responsibilities. However, I made the difficult decision to upload the video because of the website’s policy of transparency and unrestricted information dissemination. As a website that values freedom of speech and expression, we believe that sharing information, even if it is disturbing or controversial, is necessary in building understanding and exposing the truth.

Despite our intentions, the posting of the Christchurch shooting video on Bestgore elicited a strong backlash from both the public and the authorities. The New Zealand government, for instance, declared that the video was objectionable, and it threatened to prosecute anyone who shared the clip. This move saw us being singled out by the authorities, and we were subsequently blocked in New Zealand.

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As a website operator, I was forced to reflect on the implications of hosting violent content. While we pride ourselves on providing truthful and unrestricted information, we also acknowledge that our platform can be abused to incite violence and spread hate. We have seen this happen before, where users of the site have posted content advocating for terrorism, genocide, and other heinous crimes.

Bestgore’s policy has always been to allow users to upload content, and we only take down material that violates our guidelines. Nonetheless, we realized that the Christchurch shooting video posed a unique challenge, raising questions on how far freedom of expression should be allowed to go.

As a result, we have decided to amend our content policies and review our moderation practices. We recognize that our website cannot be an avenue for promoting hate and violence, and we are committed to ensuring that our platform does not become a hotbed for extremist views.

In conclusion, the Christchurch shooting video incident has taught us that the unrestricted propagation of violent content can have far-reaching consequences for society. As a website operator, we play a critical role in ensuring our platform does not become a breeding ground for unbridled extremism. Therefore, as we continue to offer a platform for free expression, we must also balance our ethical responsibilities with the need to safeguard our users and society at large.