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Introduction to Clitoride Awards

As a website operator, it is important to recognize and promote the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups within our industry. One such recognition platform is the Clitoride Awards, which celebrates the best of adult fiction writing.

Established in 2000, the Clitoride Awards have become a respected annual event within the community. The awards focus on erotic fiction in various categories, including science fiction, fantasy, contemporary, and historical settings. The goal of the awards is to showcase excellence in the genre and bring attention to talented writers and new voices within the erotic fiction community.

Categories and Nominations

There are currently eleven categories for the Clitoride Awards, including Best Adventure/Romance, Best BDSM/ Fetish, Best First Time, Best Gay/Lesbian, Best Humor, Best Incest, Best Mature and Youthful, Best Romance, Best Science Fiction/Fantasy, Best Toys & Masturbation, and Best True Accounts.

Nominations for the awards are open to anyone in the erotic fiction community, from authors to readers. Nominees must have published works within the categories from the previous year, and must meet certain eligibility criteria, including originality, quality, and the ability to entertain, arouse, and inspire readers.

Voting and Winners

Once nominations are received, voting is open to the public. Voters must be registered members of the Clitoride Awards website and must meet certain eligibility criteria, including experience reading and reviewing erotic fiction.

Winners are announced online and receive a digital badge to display on their website or social media accounts. Winning authors are also granted access to certain promotional materials and opportunities to further promote their works within the community.


In conclusion, the Clitoride Awards offer a valuable recognition platform for the best of adult fiction writing. With its focus on highlighting new voices and showcasing excellence within the genre, the awards are a must-visit for anyone who appreciates erotic fiction. As a website operator, I am proud to contribute to the promotion and support of the Clitoride Awards and the adult fiction writing community.


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