clown with beard makeup


As a website operator, I am always on the lookout for the newest and most exciting topics to share with my audience. With the recent rise in popularity of clown makeup, I knew that it was a must-include topic for my website. In this article, I will be discussing the trend of clown with beard makeup.

The rise of clown with beard makeup

Clown makeup has been around for years, but over the past few years, a new trend has emerged: clown with beard makeup. This trend has taken over social media, with makeup artists from around the world sharing their own takes on the look.

So why has this trend become so popular? There are a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s a unique look that really stands out. When done correctly, the combination of bold clown makeup and a full beard creates a striking and memorable appearance.

Secondly, the trend has a certain appeal to those who are looking to break gender norms. Traditionally, clown makeup has been seen as a feminine look, but by adding a beard, the look becomes more masculine and androgynous. This trend has caught on with people from all walks of life, and it’s not uncommon to see both men and women rocking the clown with beard makeup look.

How to do clown with beard makeup

If you’re interested in trying out this trend for yourself, there are a few different approaches you can take. The first option is to simply paint your beard with clown makeup. This can be done using paint or makeup, depending on your preference. Once your beard is painted, you can then add the rest of the clown makeup to complete the look.

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Another option is to focus on the clown makeup first, and then add a beard using a prosthetic piece. This approach allows for more flexibility when it comes to creating the perfect beard shape and color. Once the beard is attached, simply paint it to match the rest of the makeup.

Of course, the best way to achieve the clown with beard look is to work with a professional makeup artist. They will be able to create a look that is customized to your preferences and features, ensuring that you’re ready to turn heads wherever you go.


Clown with beard makeup is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement or break gender norms, this look is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re an experienced makeup artist or a beginner, there are plenty of options for achieving the perfect clown with beard look. Try it out for yourself and see just how much fun it can be!