cobray m11 serial number lookup


As a website operator, one of the primary goals is to provide information that will be helpful to the visitors. One such information that might be of interest to gun enthusiasts and collectors is the Cobray M11 serial number lookup.

What is the Cobray M11?

The Cobray M11 is a machine pistol that began production in the 1980s. It was designed by Gordon B. Ingram and manufactured by Cobray Company. Initially, the M11 was marketed to military and law enforcement agencies but later became popular with civilians due to its low cost and availability.

Why is the serial number important?

Every Cobray M11 has a unique serial number that distinguishes it from other firearms. The serial number is an essential feature that helps trace the firearm’s origin, history, and ownership. A serial number lookup can provide information about when it was manufactured, where it was sold, and whether it has been reported stolen.

How to Lookup a Cobray M11 Serial Number?

There are different ways to run a Cobray M11 serial number lookup, and here are some of them:

Contact Cobray Company

Cobray Company is the original manufacturer of the Cobray M11. Although the company has since closed down, you can still try to contact them or their successor company. They may be able to provide some information about your firearm if you provide them with the serial number.

Use Online Databases

There are several online databases available that you can use to lookup Cobray M11 serial number. These databases are sourced from various firearm registries and other public records. Some websites, such as, offer free searches while others require a subscription.

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Ask a Gun Expert

Another way to run a Cobray M11 serial number lookup is to ask a gun expert such as a gunsmith, firearms dealer or collector. They may have access to specialized databases and industry knowledge that can help you trace your firearm’s history and ownership.


In conclusion, running a Cobray M11 serial number lookup is an essential step in knowing the history and ownership of your firearm. It can help you learn whether it has been reported stolen or used in a crime. There are various ways to run a Cobray M11 serial number lookup, and we hope that this article has provided some helpful tips. Remember, always ensure that your firearm is properly licensed and registered before using it.