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The Story of Jeremy Duncan in 7 Little Words

If you are a fan of comic books, then you are probably familiar with the character Jeremy Duncan. Created by cartoonist Jerry Scott and illustrator Jim Borgman in 1998, Jeremy became a popular figure in the world of comic strips. In this article, we will explore the story of Jeremy Duncan in 7 little words.

1. Teenager

Jeremy is a typical teenager, who is trying to navigate the challenges of high school, puberty, and relationships. He is often portrayed as lazy, messy, and disorganized, but also creative, witty, and caring. He has a close circle of friends, including his girlfriend Sara Toomey, his best friend Hector Garcia, and his neighbor Pierce Thorndyke III.

2. Aspiring Artist

Jeremy has a passion for art, and he dreams of becoming a famous cartoonist. He often draws comics in his spare time, featuring himself and his friends as characters. His talent is recognized by his art teacher, Mr. Johnson, who encourages him to pursue his dreams. However, Jeremy faces many obstacles, such as lack of motivation, procrastination, and self-doubt.

3. Dysfunctional Family

Jeremy comes from a dysfunctional family, which includes his parents Walt and Connie Duncan, his younger sister Meghan, and his grandparents. Walt is a stay-at-home dad, who is often portrayed as incompetent and clueless. Connie is a busy working mom, who is often absent and stressed. Meghan is a bratty and sarcastic teenager, who likes to torment Jeremy. Their family dynamic is often chaotic, but also loving and supportive.

4. Social Issues

The comic strip touches upon various social issues, such as bullying, peer pressure, drug abuse, sexuality, and mental health. Jeremy and his friends face these issues in realistic and relatable ways, which helps to raise awareness and empathy among readers. The strip also features a diverse cast of characters, including students, teachers, parents, and community members, who represent different backgrounds and cultures.

5. Humor

The comic strip is known for its humor, which is a blend of sarcasm, irony, satire, and slapstick. The jokes often revolve around Jeremy’s misadventures, such as his escapades with his beat-up car, his mishaps with his pets, or his failures in dating. The strip also pokes fun at contemporary trends, such as social media, gaming, and pop culture.

6. Heartwarming Moments

While the comic strip is mostly lighthearted, it also has its share of heartwarming moments. Jeremy and his friends show kindness, loyalty, and compassion towards each other and others. They support each other in times of need, celebrate each other’s successes, and learn from each other’s mistakes. The strip also portrays the importance of family, community, and resilience.

7. Timeless Appeal

The comic strip has a timeless appeal, which makes it relevant and entertaining to readers of all ages. The themes of adolescence, friendship, and family are universal and timeless, and the humor and art style are timeless as well. The strip has won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, and has been translated into many languages and adapted into books and animations.

In conclusion, Jeremy Duncan is a beloved character in the world of comic strips, who embodies the joys and challenges of adolescence. His story is told through a unique blend of humor, realism, and heart, which has captivated readers for over two decades. His legacy will continue to inspire and entertain readers for generations to come.

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